Creating Music, Uniting People, Building Communities



Our school programs are designed to expose students to the steel drum, taught and performed in a unique community setting. This instrument does not require that the students read music, therefore making it quick to learn so students feel successful as performers and musicians in a short amount of time. The lesson and performance experience will build student’s confidence and self-esteem while they learn in a fun, supportive environment that emphasizes community. Kainga Music will be offering school programs (each meeting once a week), especially for students at various underserved schools.  
These student programs are being offered in addition to our ongoing evening groups which are for all skill levels, and lifelong learners of all ages. Our eventual goal is to have no barriers for enrollment of the school student programs. Many of the students who participate in after school programs are those who might not have been able to afford the traditional music instrument rental and weekly private lessons necessary to participate in their school wind ensemble, orchestra, or jazz band. The actual cost of participating in one of our steel bands will be roughly half the cost of a traditional instrument rental and weekly lesson. 
Program package

Package includes musical, cultural and historical instruction, instrument rental, and transportation of all equipment directly to your school site, set up, break down, and preparation time with an experienced enthusiastic music teacher.  Package also includes a final concert experience allowing the students to put their lessons into practice while having the opportunity to play with professional musicians in front of an audience. This program will also allow the students to be part of the community building process which is integral to Kainga Music’s mission. The program gives them the opportunity to bond with other students from other schools, in addition to getting to know and bond with Kainga Music's community.

Kids learn much more than just music. They develop discipline, social skills, an appreciation of teamwork, and they have an instant feeling of success with their efforts. Many studies show that students who learn music do better in other subjects as well.

Depending on school site/district schedule and start date, classes will be 4-6 weeks long and will culminate in a concert.

If you are interested in being a donor or sponsor of school programs and would like more information, we would be happy to meet with you and answer questions, share more details, data, and outcomes of our experiences.
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